International, Re-adoption
and Registration of Foreign Adoption

International adoption is the legal process through which a citizen or habitual resident of one country adopts a child from a different country utilizing the legal system of the country where the child resides. Due to the legal complexities of the international adoption process, the vast majority of international adoptions are accomplished through agencies.

Since April of 2008, when the United States implemented the Hague Adoption Convention, all adoptions between habitual residents of the United States and residents of another country which has signed the convention, must comply with Hague adoption requirements. The list of countries which have signed the convention may be found at The United States State Department website contains a wealth of information on the international adoption process. In any international adoption, adoptive parents must satisfy the requirements of the country of the adoptive child’s origin as well as the requirements of the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). Countries vary significantly with regard to the age of children waiting to be adopted and the quality of the medical care provided to those children. There is also considerable variation among countries with respect to the required characteristics of adoptive parents as they relate to the adoptive parents’ age, marital status and health history. Costs for an international adoption typically range from $20,000 to $40,000, not including travel expenses.



Re-Adoption is the legal process whereby a state court in the United States, with jurisdiction over adoption matters, enters an Order of Adoption in favor of adoptive parents who previously adopted their child in a jurisdiction outside of the United States.



Although adoptive parents are not legally required to re-adopt an internationally adopted child who entered the United States on an IR-3 visa, they may wish to obtain an Order from their State Court which recognizes the foreign judgment. The simple process of registering the foreign adoption will enable you to obtain a Judgment of Adoption from your state’s court which must be accepted by all other courts in the United States. This may be helpful to those families adopting from non-Hague countries where it may be more difficult to obtain a replacement Judgment and also ensures that the adoption will be legally recognized throughout the United States. The child’s name may also be changed as part of the registration of foreign adoption process.


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